Friday, March 14, 2014

Why Everyone Should Get a 3d Printer

I don't think that nearly enough people have 3d printers.  So, here is my post on why you should get a 3d printer.

1. Anything you can imagine is real.  If you want to create a new type of cell phone case, go for it...  The only thing that limits you is your mind.  When designing using 3d modeling, it is like making a puzzle and doing the puzzle at the same time.  You have to make sure all your parts fit together and work, and that it's printable on your printer.  However, unlike a normal puzzle in which you solve something that has been solved 1000's of times, what you make is new, and has never been done before by anyone ever.

2. If you are a teenager it helps get you away from the TV.  Whenever I got my Printrbot, my TV watching probably cut in half.  Generally when a teen gets home, they do one of four things, homework, watch TV, play video games, or hangout with people. Three of four of those activities are mindless, 3d printing gives people a fifth option, where they can solve puzzles, while having fun, and possible contributing something good and new to society(by posting on thingiverse).

3. It can save you money, and you can get things speedily. the RepRap project estimates that having a 3d printing can save the average consumer can save $300-2100 a year.  I tend to disagree with this claim, I believe you can save probably $100-$150 a year. However, rather than saving money, its better, because you can have what you want nearly instantly.  If you break your measuring cup, you can have a new one within the hour and still bake the cake in time for dessert, and you avoid having to buy an entire set of cups.( I know a random example, but it could happen)  You could also print out a new case for your phone right when you get your phone, to avoid those 3-7 days before your case comes in the mail and you risk breaking your phone.

However, as much I think that everyone should get a 3d printer right this second, for the average consumer to be satisfied, they should wait till the norms for printer are, above 300 mm/s, 200mm by 200 mm build area, and dual extruder, while costing less that $400. Right now, consumer will be frustrated with failed prints, not enough area to build what they want,  and long wait times.

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