Friday, April 4, 2014

Quadcopter and My Filastruder Is working

Image Courtesy of Rotor Concepts
This week has been quite eventful and exciting, new quadcopter, and I finally got the Filastruder working.

Today, I finally got in my non-flexible motor coupling.  I have been working for the past month attempting to get my Filastruder working, My first try I used a flexible coupling, but it ended up not being able to work under the extreme pressure required, and nearly unspirled itself.  After that happened, I found a much stronger coupling and ordered that.  It was from China, so it took nearly two agonizing weeks to get here.  Once it arrived today, I had to drill it out because it was about 3mm to small, after that it fit perfectly.  It has been running flawlessly producing filament for the last three hours, from initial measurements, it appears to be at a fairly constant diameter and no major kinks.

You might have seen my previous post that featured my not so abbreviated history of all my flying objects. I will attempt to keep this short and sweet, so here we go.  I got a new quadcopter on wednesday, my Father got home from Las Vegas,  and there he decided to get me a quadcopter.  This is unlike any other RC aircraft I have every owned, it gets out of the toy grade RC range.  It gets into a more hobby grade RC aircraft, it is far faster, far bigger, and has a far longer flight time.  It is the Rotor Concepts Discovery.  It offers tons of features not found on any toy grade RC aircraft.  It has a 30 minute non-stop flight time, can carry up to one pound(which is more than most cameras weigh), has a 1.5 mile range, and has a few super super cool GPS features.

 Two of the coolest GPS features are stay, and return home.  In stay mode, you set a location that you want it to stay at and it stays there, if the wind blows it off course it will automatically fly back to that location, I wish I had this when I used to play football.  I would be pretty amazing to set it to stay 100 feet above the football field, and have it film the game from there.  The other feature is return home, whenever the quadcopter gets out of range or gets on low battery. It will return to position that you began flying from.  I have not been able to go to an open field and fly it yet because of 20 MPH winds(it is rated for 15 MPH winds), however I have flown it in my backyard which has less wind and it seems stable.  Once, the wind dies, I will go to a field and test all the GPS features, then write a full review.

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