Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why am I excited?

Ok, so let me start by saying im super excited.  My new quadcopter comes in tommorow.  If you don't know, a quad copter is basically a helicopter with 4 rotors instead of 1.  They are balanced by gyros that control how fast each of the motors go.  They are generally faster, more precise, and just generally awesome.

This is not my first arial vehicle, nor quadcopter.  I have always been into flying vehicles, about 8 years ago, I got my first helicopter,  it was amazingly fun.  My mistake however, was to let my brother fly it, he within seconds of getting it he flew it into the mailbox and shattered the blades.  On my next birthday I got a smaller helicopter called a mosquito,  it was nice but pretty slow, and cheap so the motors wore out within a month.  I left flying things for about 3 years.  What got me back was when my dads friend had me review a little 4 ch helicopter that he was planning on putting in mall kiosks. It was awful, has a realistic flight time of 3 minutes.  Needless to say, it got a poor review.  However, I loved flying it(During those precious three minutes before it hit the floor like a Vanguard TV3(Rocket joke anybody?  Okay no))   My next helicopter was one from the same guy, for me to review.  This one was much bigger though, it weighed 5 pounds, and was 3 feet long, it was truly a monster in the sky.  This helicopter was probably the worst piece of shit I have ever used.  For a helicopter of this size I expected it to be able to it to handle 5 mph winds, it could not, the motors were not powerful enough to overcome that little bit of wind.  Besides for that problem, if you landed it slightly to rapidly the co-rotor's hit.  This ended up shattering both the rotors, which is a major problem(You can't really fly a helicopter with no rotors).  Then I got a syma s107, this was my first helicopter than worked well, it was cute, little, and fun.  My next flying vehicle was a small plane, it was high quality, but at high altitude like in Park CIty, it did not have enough power to fly well, it flew like a feather falls, uncontrollable, slow, and light.  My next flying toy was a Syma X1, this was really good, it was fast, stable and high quality.  It met its demise after about 4 months.  When a gust of wind hit, it nocked it down a couple of feet, which sadly was into a mini-ditch, causing it to lose signal and hit a rock wall.  It broke the motor mounts, and severed the wires.

Ok, sorry for the not so abbreviated history of all my flying toys.  Ok, well, that brings me my new quadcopter, the Hubsan x4.  It is much smaller than my last one, my x1 was about 1 foot by one foot, and the X4 is 2.5x2.5 inches.  Don't let the small size fool you, this quad is fast, can go about 20 MPH, do flips, and fly in 10 MPH wind.  So, needless to say I am pretty stoked for it. I also plan on print a blade guard for it,
which is pretty great.

On the 3d printing side of things, I am (finally) building the case for my 3d printer, which will give it a partially heated build chamber, and help my filament not get tangled, hopefully it will be finishes by the next blog post (next week).  Also, I simply could not get the Filastruder in its factory state to work.  I completely rebuilt the base stand to make it stronger, as well as ordered a 10 mm to 11 mm coupler, as the factory is just an auger bit with a little metal rod thats supposed to connect to the motor and not slip under 150 PSI(How?!?!?!, nobody knows).

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