Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Minute Valentines Prep

Well, its that special time greeting card and companies make money, and I feel especially awkward.  This year my friends and I decided to get valentines for each other.  I ordered red filament just for the occasion, I planning on it getting in on yesterday, but alas it did not so I waited until today, the day before valentines day to print all of my friends things so I could use red.  It still has not come in so, right now it is six P.M. and I have to print four items in less than five hours.  I'll keep you guys posted on how it's going every hour.

 7:00 P.M. My struggles have just begun. I found what I am to make everybody, a Dino head for Emi (long story behind this), A twisted heart vase for Sky, and a puzzle heart box for Lulu. Plus two additional twisted heart vases just incase anyone has a valentine for me, and I don't for them.   Here are the beginning of my struggles  I updated my repetier host earlier today and I dislike the new version, it's probably easier to use for some people, but I liked it the old way.  Struggle two, The Dino head intended for Emi is a forty two megabyte file.  By twenty first century file size, that is tiny.  But compared to normal object file sizes its gigantic.   Most of my files are below one MB.  When attempting to load this file, my computer crashed three times (my computer is an adware infected dinosaur, that I would like to see burn in a blaze of hatred).  After the third time of crashing I gave up on that Dino head.  I have started on slicing the heart vase for Sky(this is now what Emi is also getting now).

7:30 P.M. Slicing has just finished after 30 long minutes, normally things take 45 seconds, but because of the twisted hi-res features,  It had 13,000 faces, for a total of 28,000 lines of G-code.  However, due to the thin walls, it will only take 30 minutes to print.

8:00 P.M. The print just finished a minute ago, I took it off, and realized that it had made the hole perimeter 1 layer thick, do you know how strong .3mm of PLA is?  Well, about as strong as half of a toothpick.  So needless to say it failed.  I resized it making it twice as tall and adding 2 layers to the sides instead of 1.  I just started slicing, I'll tell you guys when it's done.

9:00 P.M. 23,000 faces, nearly 50,000 lines of g-code.  It just started a few minutes ago, and it will take an estimated 1 hour and four minutes. Right now I see, that it will be a late night.  I'll be back in an hour to tell you guys how it went.

10:00 P.M.  Well, its certainly big enough, however, it's still just a single walled thing.  But, I have an awesome Idea to make it strong enough.  I plan to spray the outer edges with an aerosol version of plastidip, this will help bind all the layer together.   Bye now, I must go print my remaining two, lulu is also now getting the twisted heart vase.

10:01 P.M.  Oh, shitty crap!  I deleted my g-code and have no time to re-slice it.  Luckily though, I saved the smaller version, so that will have to do for now. It will do better because I will actually have time to sleep tonight.

11:00  P.M.  Everything is printed.  I am just about to rubberize them.

11:15 P.M.  I just rubberized everything and Will be getting them out in the morning.

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