Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Insane Thought #1:Matrix

Image courtesy of the "Matrix"
I'm an out there person, there is no way around this.  This idea is so out there, I even recognize that it's out there.  I think that we could live in the matrix.  It might sound crazy, but I actually have some ideas that back this thought up. So, here we go.  Allow me to first introduce what I believe said matrix would be like.  I believe that likely all the humans are real, that they are connected to the computer, for instance right now all of us could be living on very small beds with ours bodys connected to the computers through electrical signals from ours brains.  I also believe that in the purposed real world, we don't die, or maybe we live much longer, perhaps 10,000 earth years.

1. Everything unknown or seemingly wrong that we do can be explained by the matrix.  An example of this is humans brains are programmed not to kill humans, but killings animals is completely fine.  How does the matrix solve this you might be thinking?  I believe that although the humans are real,  the animals are just AI's.  So, we know not to kill humans, but animals isn't actually killing, just reseting and AI. Also god can also be explained this way.

2.There are even pixels in everything.  Well kind of, what I call pixels are atoms.  The basic building blocks of the universe I believe are the smallest registered pieces for the simulation.  Why else would there be any base unit of the universe at all.  I believe we have a base unit so we can have a computable floating point.

3. Why would the outside humans want to do this?  I have not quite decided on this one.  It could be any number of reasons, to many to say, but I will list a few possibilities.  To find our rank in the real world, it would let us find where we belong, rich poor, good, bad, really who exactly we are without wasting that much of our real lives.  It could be also used to find out who our mate is in the real world.  Our world could be used as entertainment in the form of a reality type TV show for the real world.  Our world could be a think tank among many others, we each could be faced with a separate problem, for instance our world could be used to tackel global warming, while in the real world global warming would only become a problem in 1000 years, but we are sent now to focus on it, so when it really comes, we will be ready.  Also it could be used as a mean of controlling overpopulation, send them to the matrix.

Well if you do not think I am crazy by now, you might be crazy as well.

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  1. Gosh dang these posts are deep. I am officially questioning life and the formation of the universe -_-