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Distance Between Us Artifact 2

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DACA(Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals) was a program implemented about two years ago by the Obama administration that gives people living in the USA illegally a work permit and temporary legal status.  It covers about 1.1million illegal immigrant, about half of which have already been granted it. DACA does have a few rules for who qualifies, three of which are: you must have been living in the country continuously since you were under 16 years of age, you must currently be under 33 years of age, and you must not have any felony's.  DACA covers 5-10% of all illegal aliens.

DACA is a large step into incorporating illegal immigrants into America, but with it covering such a small percentage, very many illegal immigrant miss out.  If Reyna's family had not received their green cards, they would likely still be working here illegally as none of them would be eligible for DACA.  This really does sadden me, I believe that if we are going to grant legal status to some illegal immigrants, then we grant it to many of them.  Within this article, there is a story of someone who was eighteen when they entered the country so they were not eligible.  I believe is unfair, just because your parents chose to take you here a little bit later, the whole course of your life is affected. Without a work permit, you can do very little besides minimum wage jobs.  Another person in this article wanted to be an attorneys assistant, but that requires a license.  Without a social security number provided by a working permit, they can't get the license.

Before reading the Distance between Us, I would have believed that we should have not given any breaks.  I would have thought that if you came into this country illegally, you deserved nothing more than to have a minimum wage job.  Looking back I think that it is harsh. I still have a similar opinion for people who enter the country illegally to give themselves a better life, but it has begun to differ for those who wish to give their children a better life.  I would change it by allowing anyone who has children to receive temporary legal residence, or anyone who was brought into the country as a minor, after all, as a minor you likely didn't have a big part of your decision to come here.

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