Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Be a Nerd

Image courtesy of "Wordpress"

Here is your informational guide on how to become a nerd written by the near perfect specimen for nerdyness.

1.The first step to becoming a nerd is choosing a favorite TV show, acceptable nerdy TV show are; Doctor Who(of course), Battlestar Galactica(My new favorite show), Sherlock(borderline nerdy), and really any other show that deals with extreme intelligence(Eureka), space/time travel, or sci-fi.  Incorrect nerdy TV shows are things like the Big Bang Theory, this cannot be your favorite nerd show.  It is a comedy, nerd shows are never comedies.

2. After choosing a TV show, the next step is choosing an obsession, while obsession is kind of a strong word for it, you do need to find a hobby.  This one you can have a lot of freedom on, it can be anythings from 3d printing(the best hobby), to record collecting, or theater.  Just pick up something that you are really interested in, common choices are computers, engineering, model planes, ect.  Unacceptable nerd hobbies are video games(while part of being a nerd is playing video games, slobs are the ones who play video games nonstop and it is their hobby.  Don't be a slob.), clothes shopping, and cooking.

3.Now it is time to choose a video game, very common nerd video games are Pokemon, Halo, and strategy based games.  You should play video games irregularly or less than a hour a day if regularly.  Don't spend to much time on video games or you will become a slob.  Don't be a slob.

4.Get good grades, you need a minium of a 3.5 GPA to be a nerd.  It's pretty simple, nerds must always try hard at everything they do even if it is boring to them. Your favorite subjects can be the arts, science or math.

Don't worry if you are missing just one of the categories you can still be a nerd, and trust me you want to be a nerd.  We have PI. Well, that was your daily dose Grant puns.  Have a great day.


  1. I don' t know wether to consider myself a geek or a nerd. Is their such thing as both? Also my favorite subjects are science and english! Say what!!!!! Also does cubing count as an obsession, By the way last quarter I had a 3.483, does this count?

  2. That's a very narrow view of nerds dude. -__-

  3. You misspelled correct, you spelled it as narrow, that was kind of silly, but I forgive you.