Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog Stats

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My blog is currently at 999 views, so I though that it would be a great time to write about all the stats of my blog.

To start I am going to cover the most viewed articles.  By far my most viewed articles was a guide on how to smooth PLA prints with Dichloromethane, that post got 40 views.  This is likely because at the time of writing it, it was the most in-depth guide on how to smooth PLA prints.  My next highest scoring was Why I Really don't Have a Girlfriend, this post received about 22 views.  It is like this post, but for the statistics of why I don't have a girlfriend.  After that the next post was a review of the Printrbot Simple, it received 20 views.  My forth highest scoring blog post Last Minute Valentines Prep, it received just 15 views.

It becomes clear that the most favored blog posts, are the ones that deal with 3d printing and the ones that deal with relationships.  However, the only 3d printing blog posts that are successful are the ones that deal with specific guides(usually through my own experimentation).  Any of the posts that were about general 3d printing, tended to score the lowest, at just 3 page views each.  This makes sense, people might do a specific search for how to smooth PLA prints with dichloromethane.  Then as their are very few other sources, my relatively unpopular blog can appear nearer to the top of Google.  The other posts that scored high are about relationships, or Valentines day.  Even though the Valentines one turned into more of a 3d printing post(as everything I write somehow does). This to makes sense because the audience of my blog are split into two main sectors, school friend and random people on the interweb who want to learn of 3d printing.  Teenagers(my school friends) are borderline obsessed with relationships, thus anything that even slightly pertains to relationships, they are more likely to click.

Other Random Stats

  • I am proud to announce the the most popular browser used to access my page is Google Chrome, Internet Explorer A.K.A. the browser most preferred by cavemen, only took up 8% of the total browser usage.
  • I am sad to say that the majority of my viewers use a Mac(55%), but this does make sense as all of our school computers are Macs. Windows, took up far less, at just 28%  Also, another sad fact, the most popular mobile operating system to access my page was IOS, at 28 views, and a mere 19 views from Android. 
  • I have 20 views from Germany(no idea why).
  • My biggest single traffic source is Vampire stat(a spambot), which accounts for nearly 15% of my page views, the second biggest single traffic source is my friend Devon's blog at just 3%.

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  1. I am forever more accessing your blog via Internet Explorer!