Monday, November 11, 2013

SacLunch Brunch

Emi, Sky, And I packing sandwich

Well, I decided to do my first blog post that is about something other than technology.  On sunday my friends SkyEmi, and I went down to Salt Lake City to feed those who are less fortunate than us.  It was truly a great experience.  It showed us how others live, and the struggles they go through on a daily basis. It felt really good to be able to help them, even if it was just in this little way. We decided to do it every weekend Here are some pictures, Mrs. Martin.  It was much better than being our usual selectively anti-social selves.  A final note, we are calling our selves the SacLunch Brunch, because we do it at 12:00ish, and they are sack lunches.

The car full packed with all 50 sandwiches
Emi, Sky, and I handing out sandwiches

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