Friday, September 27, 2013

English Assignment

I really liked a blog by Gigacom.  I liked it for a few reasons.  Firstly, it was filled with a ton of great information.  I don't like blogs about how people feel, I like blogs with facts.  The second reason I really liked it, it is had information that I was interested in.  It was about 3d printing which I really like, I actually just got a 3d printer so it had information relevant to what I am interested in.  Another reason I liked it, is it didn't swamp me with information.  Some blogs just keep giving information till it starts to get annoying, this one was precise and to the point.

The second blog that I really like is Cnet.  I like Cnet a lot because it provides tons of information about tons of different topics, under the main topic which for Cnet is technology.   I liked that they update it multiple times a day, so whenever I go there, there is new information.  I like the format that it is laid out in, it breaks it off then if you are interested you can click and get more information.  It also has a slightly person writing style, so you can get the facts as well as their opinions.

The third blog I liked was PopSci,  I liked PopSci, because it was very easy to use and had tons of sections that you could choose depending of what you are interested in. You could click nearly anywhere on a specific post then it would take you to read the full post.  I also liked this one because it had mostly facts and news as well as a little bit of opinion and voice.  It also had just enough information to get you to read the post, but not to much where it took a very long time to sort between the non-interesting posts, and the ones I was interested.

Have an amazing day!

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